Dating Beautiful Women

In the pursuit of happiness, men are often looking for what is considered the ideal woman, one that’s classy, poised and a great looker. But even the most macho of men, full of bravado and confidence, can lose their cool when they’re around beautiful women.

We can point to the media for many of our biases, including the portrayal of beautiful woman as bitches. Fashion magazines, movies and TV commercials depict them as unapproachable and out-of-reach of the average man.…


American Singles Review

American was created to help people find friendship, love, relationships and more. With a huge database and millions of members, there’s somebody for everyone at American Singles! …


Choosing Matchmaking Sites

The ancient practice of matchmaking has entered the 21st century via the Internet. Finding your soul mate can happen through chat rooms, IMs, social network sites and email. With hundreds of online sites, we offer information to help you choose the one that fits your needs. …