Tips for Flirting with Women at Bars

I hope your dating is going well and that you are learning something. Bars are places that are traditionally considered the place to go when meeting people. Perhaps its the atmosphere, or perhaps its the alcohol! Either way, its useful to have some clues when meeting women in bars.…


Online dating: Myth vs. Reality

Is online dating safe?

We’ve all seen the sensationalist news reports. The way sweeps-week TV shows portray it: Online dating is either a sea of married men pretending to be single, unusually kinky or unsavory characters and pasty-faced internet addicts who haven’t left their homes in months. Even people who are engaged in online dating sometimes joke that if they meet their true loves online, they’ll have to lie to their friends about how they met. But as more and more perfectly normal singles become perfectly normal couples after meeting online, the truth is becoming clear: this new technology is …


Neil Strauss (Style) Rules of the Game

Neil Strauss’ “Rules of the Game” is the followup to his international bestseller “The Game” that hit stores in September 2005 and blew open the secret world of pickup artists.

It’s funny how a tenuous stream of events can alter your life so drastically. Just over a year ago, long before being aware of the world of pickup, pickup artists (PUAs) an average group of male, university students decided to break the monotony of London life by taking a 36 hour adventure to Sweden – land of beer and blonde bombshells. …


How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: 7 Fail-Proof Steps

After the breakup with your girlfriend, you are surely going through a hard time. Maybe you are pretending it does not bother you or maybe you are in full playoff mode.

However if you want to move on, it’s totally fine. Cope with it. But if you want her back in your life again, then it is not an easy task.…


Getting Your Confidence Up Just To Approach Women

“Getting your confidence up to approach women”

…There’s just a whole problem in that statement to begin with but this is a serious issue affecting millions of men.

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman and wanted to approach but you felt your physiology change? She was maybe just standing there but you felt butterflies in your stomach and you thought about some way to open and capture her interest?…


What To Do After You Have Gotten Her Phone Number Online

One of the biggest issues most guys have is after they’ve FINALLY gotten a woman’s phone number, they’re really unsure of what to do next.

I mean, you know you’ve got to call her, but what are you going to say?

This is where most guys stumble.

Look at this email I got recently from a reader:…


Dating Beautiful Women

In the pursuit of happiness, men are often looking for what is considered the ideal woman, one that’s classy, poised and a great looker. But even the most macho of men, full of bravado and confidence, can lose their cool when they’re around beautiful women.

We can point to the media for many of our biases, including the portrayal of beautiful woman as bitches. Fashion magazines, movies and TV commercials depict them as unapproachable and out-of-reach of the average man.…


American Singles Review

American was created to help people find friendship, love, relationships and more. With a huge database and millions of members, there’s somebody for everyone at American Singles! …


Choosing Matchmaking Sites

The ancient practice of matchmaking has entered the 21st century via the Internet. Finding your soul mate can happen through chat rooms, IMs, social network sites and email. With hundreds of online sites, we offer information to help you choose the one that fits your needs. …


Come ottenere un favoloso miglioramento personale con un budget limitato

  1. Una buona auto-cura e la migliore medicina. Un datore di lavoro che si prende cura dei propri bisogni fisici, emotivi e mentali, regolarmente, sara piu abile a gestire le emozioni negative o ostili sul lavoro. Iniziate con un sonno adeguato, una buona alimentazione e un regolare esercizio fisico.
  2. Sapere come ci si sente ad avere rabbia e frustrazione – sia nella testa che nel corpo. A volte, possiamo essere davvero “tagliati fuori” dai nostri sentimenti e agire in modo avventato senza sapere perché.